Quit Smoking Story

My Parents Have Given Up By Using E Cigs

Both of my parents have been smoking for every year that I have been on this earth, and more. My dad is 67 and my mum is 65. They have told me that they were both already smoking when they met in their late teens. Although I have been brought up in a family of smokers I have never actually smoked myself. In fact I have never even had the urge to try one as I have seen the damage they do having been a nurse for all of my working career.

A few weeks back both of my parents asked if I could help them give up, as they agreed that by continuing they were increasing the risk of an early death, and they have both decided that they want to be around as long as possible to spend time with their grandchildren.

So I bought them a selection of e cigs, as well as patches and other things that they could try. A couple of weeks on since they both gave up they have found that the e-cigarettes are by far the best way of helping them. So far neither have had a normal cigarette each, and by helping each other I think they can make it.